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Load Balancing System
HKSpace Network offers a broad range of load balancing solutions for businesses and applications that require a greater level of reliability to support millions of site hits and 100% uptime. Until now systems administrators trained in BIND and DNS could setup "round-robin" DNS to blindly send traffic to 2 servers without knowing if the second primary server was even online and functioning. With HKSpace Network's new load balancing solutions our load-balancer constantly checks on each server and adjusts the traffic as needed depending on server load, server response and capacity. During the design and implementation of your custom load balanced solution, HKSpace Network engineers will setup your solution based on your site traffic and businesses needs.

Key Features of Load Balancing Solutions:

  Ability to add additional web servers as rapid growth requires it
100% uptime
Complete scalable hardware
Comprehensive health monitoring ensuring application integrity
Support for connection-based applications, such as SSL
Advanced monitoring for the highest level of reliability
Enhanced application security, providing protection from over 450 attack signatures
DoS protection in high throughput environments
Increased performance through intelligent traffic management and load balancing
Bandwidth management
Manageability and scalability - server resources can be added and removed transparently on the fly
Investment protection through longer server life cycles
Complete redundancy
High availability to ensure application accessibility
Distributed traffic across multiple web servers
Specifications LB-1 LB-2 LB-3
Number of Total Servers 2 4 6
Memory 512MB 1024MB 2048MB
Disk Storage 60 GB 80 GB 160 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 500GB 1000GB 2000GB
Operating System Choices UNIX / Windows 2000 UNIX / Windows 2000 UNIX / Windows 2000
Load Balanced IPs 2 8 16

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