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Geographic Content Distribution
The Internet has dramatically increased the globalization of the average business. Never before could someone in Switzerland purchase something from your company, listen to your live radio show, or download your new software application 24 hours a day, even when you are at home asleep. With HKSpace Network’s Geographic Content Distribution & Load Balancing we can place your web site across our private network of 3 data centers in Pacific SuperNet, HGC and i-Advantage. By placing your content where your clients are, now a client in Hong Kong can pull your content locally giving him faster content delivery faster transaction times on SSL purchases and faster database lookups and queries. Why penalize clients in other states or other parts of the world just because of Internet bottlenecks or slowdowns? Now you don’t have to!

Key Features of Geographic Content Distribution:

  Faster Content Delivery
Improved Database Connection Times
Faster Transaction Times on SSL Purchases
Improved site response time and uptime
Content Awareness
Easily scalable architecture
Enhanced capabilities for E-commerce transactions
Flexible Filtering
Improved quality of service
Places your web site on 3 autonomous web servers housed in 3 separate HKSpace Network data center facilities located in Pacific SuperNet, HGC, i-Advantage
Your content will be served from the closest location from where your customers are requesting your web site from
No caching involved – your web site content is mirrored every 1 hour to each data center location
Requires NO setup by the customer
No other web sites will be placed on your content delivery servers. Essentially you would have control over 3 separate web servers
$18,800/month + $12,800 one time startup fee (includes 1000GB of aggregate bandwidth)
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