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Co-Location Service
Businesses and individuals can house their colocation servers in HKSpace Network's tel-co grade facility. Colocating in HKSpace Network's Data Centers provides your mission-critical data with superior security, bandwidth management, and Internet connections.

HKSpace Network's Centers in Pacific SuperNet, CPCNet and iAdvantage provide unparalleled performance, availability and security to all of our colocation customers.

Why you need HKSpace Network :
You have an in-house data center or have your colocation server housed with a HKSpace Network competitor. You launch your web site and within a few days later, your marketing efforts start to pay off. Your web servers start getting slammed with download or http requests. You are not prepared for the success and your web servers start dropping connections or your bandwidth gets maxed out, so requests for your data go unanswered and clients get tired of waiting and go elsewhere. Getting more servers to handle the requests could take a week at least. Your site has lost valuable visitors, and it's unlikely that you will regain the traffic that your media coverage or success generated.
How Our Co-Location Works :
Your colocation server will be placed on a shelf or mounted to a rack at one of our Internet Data Centers. It will be powered by a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and will be on an 100Mbps Ethernet segment (GigE available) connected to our Cisco routers. You manage your server remotely via Telnet, Ftp, PCAnyWhere or SSH etc. and you always have access to visit our data centers 24x7 to work on your server. We offer free "remote hands and eyes" for server reboots and notifications.
Key Features :

24/7/365 NOC Monitoring and Reboot
24/7 on-site maintenance staff with spare parts for all server configurations
Unlimited Local Bandwidth
Dedicated Switched Ethernet 100Mbps Port
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Surge Protected AC Power with UPS backup
Dedicated Diesel Generator
Air conditioned controlled environment
FM 200 Fire Suppression System and Pre-Action Sprinkler System
Category 5 & Category 6 Cable
660Mbps per second Internet connection to overseas
One Fast Ethernet direct Internet connection to Mainland China and one Fast Ethernet to Taiwan
Two Gigabit Ethernet connect to Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX)
Your choice of Pacific SuperNet, CPCNet or iAdvantage data centers
Authorized users have 24/7 unescorted access
Custom power, cross connects, and private interconnects

Free Services Included:

Free Remote Hands and Eyes (mounting media, restarting applications)
Free Reboots and Power Cycling
Free Colocation Server Monitoring
Free Primary and Secondary DNS
Free Console Monitoring and Reporting
Free Installation
Free Shipping (if you switch from a competitor)

Support :

Operation support to your company's web servers, including 24 x 7 support while details to be agreed and we also provide support services for installation/maintenance activities by your staff.
Ongoing consultancy advice on network infrastructure development, including global web server load balancing implementation and network/system management for servers performance monitoring. Also with managed firewall service for security implementation.
In addition to the above, we are open to discuss further service offerings, such as provisioning of hardware backup in case of emergency, mirror site, arrangement, and any services that fit the requirements of your company.

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Create your own customized package, just call our service hotline : (852)8100-8956 and you will be on your way to have a package specfic to your needs.

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